Nourishing Me Through We

Nourishing Me Through We. Nectar Community is redefining the way women gather, work, and play. This online platform is a way to be connected to other like-hearted women around the world, to share your wisdom and receive from others. Together we can choose to live intentionally nourished lives. Online with Nectar Community, you'll be able to take a myriad of classes, join live calls and circles, and connect in real time. Everything from movement classes, co-working, intuitive and expressive art classes, fiber arts classes, oracle card readings, business development and mastermind workshops, dialogues on books, parenting, relationships, money, and so much more! This is our community, all in one app! You’ll be able to send private messages, join groups, join calls or live streaming events directly from this app. Our members are our teachers. Everyone has the ability to teach something if they have a passion for it. This is your opportunity to shine! Women who run businesses who would benefit from sharing their work with our membership base will also have the opportunity to share or talk about their offerings. If you don't want to teach, no worries, we also highly encourage you simply receive! Participate as much as you'd like! The most important part of Nectar Community is the community! We've designed this Nectar Community Online to be a safe, inclusive, space for all women. Nectar Community respects your privacy, and will not sell or share your personal information, photos, content, or intellectual property, without your prior enthusiastic consent.

nourishing me through we